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Almost every business in Kansas is required, by law, to carry workers' compensation insurance to protect injured workers from financial disaster. Kansas employees who are injured at the job or performing work related duties outside of the office (in some cases) may be qualified to benefits from the Kansas workers' compensation system. This compensation is designed to assist injured emplyees with the some of the costs such as lost wages and medical related expenses.

Because employers may be required by Kansas state laws to maintain some workers' compensation insurance, this does not preclude the employer's responsiblity for maintaining a safe work environment for their employees. 

Common Kansas Workers' Compensation Injurie Include:

  • Burn Injuries
  • Chemical Burns
  • Defective Safety Equipment
  • Falls
  • Faulty Machinery
  • Negligent Co-workers
  • Slipping and Falling

Kansas labor laws provide for injured workers some legal ability to protect their rights and to receive the compensation they deserve after they have have been hurt on the job.

Why Hire an Attorney?

It is important to contact a Kansas workers' compensation attorney to discuss your case because the workers' compensation insurance company that you have a claim against almost no incentive to respond in your best interest. This is because the workers' compensation insurance provider is going to lose money by paying out on your claim. The way the workers'compensation insurer interprets the Kansas workers' compensation law can mean the difference between have your claim denied or receiveing the compensation you rightly deserve. This also means that you could end up shorting yourself on money you rightly and legally deserve if you are unaware of all of your legal rights or the law.

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David Nelson, Attorney at Law
262 North Waco
Wichita, KS 67202
Tel: (316) 267-1300
Fax: (316) 264-6190


David Nelson
Attorney at Law
262 North Waco
Wichita, KS 67202

Tel: (316) 267-1300
Fax: (316) 264-6190

David Nelson, Attorney at Law - 262 North Waco, Wichita, KS 67202 - Tel: (316) 267-1300

David Nelson is licensed in the state of Kansas to practice law and assists clients in the greater Wichita, Kansas area with legal issues related to Auto Accidents, Bankruptcy, Business Law, Business Contracts, Criminal Defense, Family Law, Social Security Disability and Workers Compensation.