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Kansas Alimony Laws

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Divorce can be tricky when it comes to paying child support or alimony. To get a divorce in Kansas, at least one spouse must live in the state for at least 60 days before filing for divorce. Kansas does not require any reason for a divorce other than the relationship is irrevocable damaged. In Kansas, child support payments play a big role in how property is distributed or awarded. That is why support payments are such a big deal in a divorce. If you and your spouse can’t come to a conclusion about it that you both agree on, the court will order one person to pay support to the other on an individual case basis.

The court looks at the age of the two spouses, marital assets, potential wage earnings, and how long they were married as well as other factors. If the court must decide who pays the maintenances support, it will use its judgment when awarding payment to any party. Alimony is usually referred to as maintenance. The court decides the amount of the payment as well. It must be a fair, just amount and reasonable considering all of the circumstances.

The court has the ability to decide that future payments can be subject to change due to the situations that were prescribed in the court order. They can make a payment or alimony modification one month prior to the date that the motion to modify was filed. The court cannot award payment for more than 121 months. If the original court document reserves the right to hear succeeding motions for restoration of payments and this motion is filed before the expiration of payments, the court will have jurisdiction to hear a motion to reinstate maintenance payments.

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