Make Money Matter

Today, the United States is currently within an economic recession. People are now looking at money in a new way and truly beginning to understand the value of a dollar. From spending to saving, people today are now beginning to count every cent they have, earn, save, and spend in order to make sure that they are getting by day-by-day. Whether it is not going out to eat as much, shopping for more bargains than luxury items, or simply trying to carpool or walk to work people are becoming more and more money conscious and are trying to make it count now and later.

However, when you are going through a divorce there is many things that impact you and your life. Money is one thing that is impacted at the beginning, the end and months after the divorce. When you get married you are putting all your assets together in a joint effort to become a solid, functional unit. No one intends to enter a marriage with the thought of a divorce in mind. Yet, the future is something that is never clear or knowing to anyone especially in this day and age.

With a recession at hand money is in high demand. Many individuals today have to deal with the loss of their employment, or maybe having to deal with a cut in pay, but either way everyone is feeling the recession in one way, shape, or form. When you are going through a divorce it puts even more strain on an already sticky situation. First, make sure that if a prenuptial agreement was made that your financial assets that were set aside for you in order to use these funds now. Make sure that when you are in the midst of your divorce and are currently waiting on a few financial aspects to come in that you are setting and maintaining a budget.

Realize that when you are in a divorce many things are now and will change. Money spending and saving is one thing that will impact an individual either in a positive or negative aspect. However, make sure that when dealing with your divorce and your money that you are carefully watching how you spend within your means and are saving enough for now and the future.

Going through a divorce can be difficult. Finding the right lawyer will help you deal with this change going on in your life. David Nelson, Attorney at Law, has spent over 30 years practicing law in Kansas. He knows how to handle these cases in the best way. He understands how sensitive and serious these situations are and the impact that it leaves on families.  To serve you better, Mr. Nelson offers a free consultation so that you to get a feel for your legal options and for you to see if he is right for you. Mr. Nelson is qualified and experienced and is a great choice to help you through this time. Call (316) 267-1300 today to set up your free consultation.


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