What To Bring To Your Initial Divorce Legal Appointment

Today, divorce is an aspect of life that many couples are beginning to come to terms with, or have already had one. Research states that one out of every three couples within the United States will go through a divorce at one point or another. When we generally think about divorce we think of a relationship coming to an end with many different emotions being seen. However, divorce is much more than just a personal relationship ending it also is a separation from your former spouse financially, and legally as well.

The First Aspect of Meeting With Your Attorney

When you are considering a divorce, or in the process of one it is extremely important that you seek out an experienced, and an ultimately dedicated divorce attorney to help you every step of the way. Yet, when you actually finally do meet with your attorney pertaining to your divorce what do you need to bring?

To begin, you need to bring your personal ideas, and thoughts about your divorce. In order for your attorney to help you fight for your assets accordingly and to the fullest you need to explain the divorce such as why it is occurring, was there more fault in one individual within the relationship over another, what you would like to gain from the divorce, and ultimately where you would like to stand after the divorce is said and done.

The Physical Matters of Your Marriage

Next, you need to actually bring a few things physically with you to your meeting in order for your attorney to better understand where you stand financially, and socially with your former spouse in the midst of your divorce. Make sure to bring all court recordings to your meeting, which should include the actual filing papers the divorce was filed on. Also, make sure to bring documents showing your financial stance within your past marriage such as the purchases you have solely made, any assets you financially contributed to, your taxes and social security information, as well as information pertaining to your employment.

Divorce is a serious matter that should be handled with the utmost sensitivity and understanding. Make sure that when you are considering, or in the midst of a divorce to have an experienced, and an understanding divorce attorney by your side from start to finish.

Going through a divorce can be difficult. Finding the right lawyer will help you deal with this change going on in your life. David Nelson, Attorney at Law, has spent over 30 years practicing law in Kansas. He knows how to handle these cases in the best way. He understands how sensitive and serious these situations are and the impact that it leaves on families.  To serve you better, Mr. Nelson offers a free consultation so that you to get a feel for your legal options and for you to see if he is right for you. Mr. Nelson is qualified and experienced and is a great choice to help you through this time. Call (316) 267-1300 today to set up your free consultation.


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